Track voucher alteration history via audit trail (Copy)

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This add-on can track creation as well as modification of vouchers along with Username, Date & time of creation alteration, and even modified contents will be tracked. In every instance of voucher alteration, users will be forced to enter the valid reasons, and these details will be displayed in the corresponding report.

 Key Features

  1.  This add-on can keeps a track of the entire voucher information starting from when it is created, by whom it is created and the details of Ledgers & amount debited and credited.
  2.  This add-on also keeps all the names of users who have altered the voucher with the date, time, alteration reason and the ledger details with amount debited and credited.
  3.  This add-on prepares a report which shows audit log of the voucher with creation and alteration history.
  4.  Transactions cannot be saved without entering the valid reason for alteration done in voucher.

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