Auto Pick PO No. of Buyers in Sales Invoice

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Organization receiving Buyers Ordered Quantity in Bulk will process the quantity in multiple batches for delivery & send the Sales Invoices periodically. It is cumbersome and hard to remember to specify the same PO No. of particular order for every Invoice. With this Add-on you can set the Buyers Purchase Order and Date in the Buyers Ledger Master. The same will be picked up automatically while making the Sales Invoice.


  1. Option to add latest PO No. (Will be useful when receive a new PO from the Buyers)
  2. Works with the Tally’s default Sales Order System. i.e., if this option is enables for a Party, it will consider the values from the ledger master and will not consider the value of any Sales Order entry make in Tally for the Party. Suppose if you want to consider it, you can set this option as ‘No’ to take the values from Sales Order List.

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