Procedure to Deploy Account TDLs

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The control centre in Tally.ERP 9 allows the user to deploy customised TDL programs to a single site or all the sites belonging to an account.

The account administrator can deploy the account TDLs by following the four simple steps shown below:

  • Upload Customized TDL Programs

  • Create TDL Configuration Pack

  • Link TDL Configuration Pack

  • Download TDL Configuration Pack

Upload Customised Programs

The customised TDL programs can be uploaded from the control centre available on the Tally website. To upload the Customised TDL programs the user has to login to web control centre using the Account Administrator’s Id and password.

To login to the Web Control Centre

  • Start Internet Explorer

  • In the address bar type

  • Type the required Account Administrator’s ID in Tally.NET ID field

  • Type the required password in the Password field


  • In the My Tally.NET Account(s) screen

  • Click the required Account ID

  • In the Account Profile Management screen

  • Click Licensing and Configuration

  • Click Upload Account TDL

  • In Upload Account TDL Files screen

  • Enter a valid name to the program files you want to upload in Name of TDL field

  • Click Browse and select the required TDL program file(s) from the saved location.

  • Check Main File to indicate the file selected is the primary resource file.

  • Click Save to upload the program file(s)

Create TDL Configuration Pack

You can create a TDL Configuration Pack either from the Web Control Centre or from the Control Centre in Tally.ERP 9.

To create a TDL Configuration Pack from the Web Control Centre follow the steps shown:

In the Licensing & Configuration menu

  • Click Create TDL Config

  • In Name of Configuration field give a valid name to the TDL Configuration Package

  • In Allow local TDLs field you can permit or disallow the use of other TDL files available locally

  • In Choose Account TDLs to load field select the required TDL programs uploaded from the list displayed

  • Click Save to create the TDL Configuration pack


Create TDL Configuration Pack from Tally.ERP 9

To create a TDL Configuration Pack from the Control Centre in Tally.ERP 9 follow the steps shown:

  • Login to the Control Centre using the Administrator’s Account ID and Password

  • In the Control Centre screen

  • Click Tally.NET Account or press M

  • In My Tally.NET Account(s) screen select the required Account ID

  • The Control Centre screen for the selected account id appears

  • Click Licensing & Configuration or press L

  • In the Licensing & Configuration screen select the required site

  • In the TDL Config field press Alt+C

  • In the TDL Configuration Management screen

  • Enter a valid name to the configuration package in Name of Configuration field

  • You may permit or disallow the use of other TDL files available locally in Allow local TDLs field

  • Select the required TDL programs uploaded in Choose Account TDLs to load field

  • Accept to save the TDL Configuration pack

Link TDL Configuration Pack

To Link the TDL Configuration package created earlier to the respective site follow the steps shown:

In the Licensing and Configuration screen

  • Select the respective site

  • In the TDL Config field select the required TDL Configuration Pack from the List of TDL Configs

  • Accept to link the TDL Configuration Pack to selected site

Updating TDL Configuration Pack

After successfully linking the TDL Configuration pack to a site. In order to download the TDL Configuration pack the user has to update the license. On successfully downloading, the configuration pack reside’s in the Tally.ERP 9 folder for Single User edition or reside in the license server folder for Multi User edition.

To update the license follow the steps shown:

Go to Gateway of Tally or Company Info menu

  • Press F12: Configure

  • Select Licensing > Update Licensing

  • In the Administrator Login screen enter the Account Administrator’s ID and Password

  • A message License Updated Successfully appears

  • Restart Tally.ERP 9 to apply the configuration pack to the concerned site.

The availability of Account TDLs for a site are displayed in TDL Configuration and the number of TDLs loaded are displayed in the Configuration block of the Information Panel

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