Procedure to attach TCP file to Tally

  • Copy the .TCP file to Tally folder or any common folder which is access able from Tally.
  • Start Tally.ERP 9.
  • At GATEWAY OF TALLY, press F12.
  • Select Products and Features (or T).
  • You will find a button Local TDLs at Right Side Button Bar. Press that Button (or F4).
  • In the first option Allow Local TDLs = set to yes.
  • Then in the below space, just specify location and file name where your tcp/addon file is located. If the addon file is placed in the Tally folder where Tally.exe is located then specify only addon file name.
  • Accept the screen.
  • Now if file name you typed is correct/file exist, it will show a message of active against the file path otherwise it will show an error message. If no error is displayed then you can work with your tdl.